Impact Fusion International Management

Marc Walther, CEO/President

As a senior executive with more than 35 years of significant management experience in public and privately held company’s, brand development, turnarounds, marketing and engineering experience for diverse organizations in multiple countries, with a deep background for moving technologies from “Proof of Concept to Commercialization”.  “As an executive I bring the opportunity to apply these leadership skills for the benefit of dynamic and forward looking company’s with unique ideas”. In addition, Mr. Walther brings engineering experience coupled with the depth and breadth of hands on management experience in a variety of disciplines making his skill set the ideal choice to oversee the diverse leadership challenges CEOs face in an ever changing worldwide competitive environment like Impact Fusion International. Mr. Walther has developed and holds a United States Patent: Method of Polishing and Machining Uniform or Free -Forming Metal Surfaces for a major top two automotive company.

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