Impact Fusion InternationalImpact Fusion International


Mission Statement

Impact Fusion International, Inc is in the business of marketing products in the “Health and Wellness” sector of all international markets using our proprietary Nutri-Mastic ™ to make their products the best in the industry. It is the company’s mission through Research-Validation-Commercialization to market these proprietary products worldwide for the health and well being of Humans and Animals to aid in digestive health through absorption of a proprietary blend Nutri-Mastic ™.

Management will target a list of products that will be developed into revenue producing, profitable, green brand sectors utilizing investment capital and other resources including management, patent development and strategic planning for the benefit of these individual brands. Impact Fusion International, Inc. develops technologies featuring Nutri-Mastic™ that is the core ingredient in all of our brands and in their products.

What we have discovered was by adding a proprietary blend of Mastic Gum and ionic minerals, Nutri-Mastic ™, this allows the Mastic Gum to be delivered into the blood system due to the positive and negative charge of the ionic minerals and this creates a host of benefits to the body.

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