Supreme Energy Resources, Inc.

Napoleonville, Louisiana

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Supreme Energy Resources, Inc. is an energy research park with 62.696 acres of property and buildings that are in the business of Research, Development and Commercialization of emerging alternative energy technologies. It is the company’s mission to invent, develop and market these proprietary alternative energy products worldwide for the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels and to strengthen our energy security. Management will target a broad spectrum of emerging alternative energy Supreme Energy Parkgenerating products such as Animal Feed Technologies, Wind, Solar and Algae. These technologies will be developed into revenue producing, profitable technologies utilizing investment capital, patent development, land for demonstration and commercialization, strategic planning with Universities and Federal/Local government agencies.

Supreme Gold Plus™ SB-1 and SB-2 Cattle Feed Technology Using All Natural Recyclable (Project Complete)

Supreme Gold Plus is a Superior Alternative Proprietary Formulation for Beef and Dairy Cattle: “It is not how much you eat, it is how much you absorb”.
*Made from 100% natural products.
*Prevents Low acid pH balance, which inhibits Fiber Digestion.
*Allows ionic minerals to bond readily with water for maximum absorption.
*The body then facilitates changes to move nutrients to needed areas.
*The Mastic Gum in Nutri-Mastic™ assists in the conversion of protein into urea as reflected in improving BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen).
*Nutri-Mastic™ ionic minerals dissolved in Mastic Oil supports:
*Ruminant absorption.
*Blood, liver enzymes, and kidney function.
*Muscle and bone formation.
*An overall positive health score.

Supreme Gold Bales


Supreme Gold Plus™ SB1, SB2 and Supreme Basic™ High Speed Bagging Operation. (Project Complete)

Supreme Gold Plus High Speed Bagging Operation installed in the Napoleonville, Louisiana operation to expand the market for SB2. Supreme Gold Plus SB2 is a Superior Alternative Proprietary Formulation for Beef and Dairy Cattle. This product is a Green Natural Recyclable Cattle Feed to address the World Wide Shortage of Feed due to Severe Drought. The bagging operation will allow us to enter the market for medium to small ranches that do not have the ability to handle 3000 lb bales. More can be seen on FaceBook: Supreme Gold Plus


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American beef will compete with Australian exports as the Chinese market opens up. The problem is that the herds in the United States are no bigger than the year 1950. We need growth in the size of the herds and Supreme Gold Plus increases the weight gain from an average of 1 pound per day to 4-1/2 pounds per day and increase colostrum to create healthier calves. Do the math!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Supreme Gold Plus added a life event from September 10, 2012: Launched on September 10, 2012. ... See MoreSee Less

Launched on September 10, 2012

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